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Artificial apparatus
ventilation of the lungs

The Blizar artificial lung ventilation device (IVL) is simple, reliable and easy to operate. Interactive front panel provides stable control and management of functional modes, patient monitoring.

Blizar is a modern ventilator with an anesthetic attachment for nitrous oxide and a humidifier. It is used for long-term mechanical ventilation in adults and children over 1 years old. The ventilation control modes are implemented by volume and by pressure. The built-in pulse oximeter allows you to display the SpO2 parameters, frequency, pulse filling. Backup power supply from the built-in battery ensures uninterrupted operation of the device for 9 hours. Reusable patient circuit.

The device can be used in conjunction with the unit for inhalation anesthesia included in the kit.


Features of the device:

Digital and visualization of operating parameters

PEEP is established in any modes of ventilation of the lungs

Built-in battery and SpO2 and Ps tracking device

Highly efficient breathing gas humidifier

Ventilation modes:

CMV – controlled ventilation

PS – Assisted Pressure Support Ventilation

PLV – Limited Inspiratory Pressure Ventilation

ACV – Trigger Assisted Ventilation

SPONT – Spontaneous ventilation

CPAP – Continuous Positive Pressure Spontaneous Breathing

PEEP – Positive pressure ventilation at the end of inspiration

ARM – manual ventilation

Ventilation safety:

Device and patient alarms

Automatic selection of alarm limits

Connections and connectors coding


Minute ventilation range 0.6-30 l / min

Ventilation frequency range – 3 – 300 min-1

Tidal volume range – 20-2000 ml

Ratio Ti: Te (inversion) – 1: 3-3: 1

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Artificial lung ventilation device Blizar

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Artificial lung ventilation device Blizar

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