Artificial lung ventilation apparatus Blizar

Ventilation control mode

The respiratory station is equipped with a large number of modern invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes: with volume and pressure control, spontaneous breathing support (PS support), proportional support (PPS support), as well as adaptive ventilation modes. All invasive modes provide for the use of an endotracheal tube resistance compensation system.

Interactive front panel

Simple, reliable and easy to operate. Provides stable control and management of functional modes, monitoring of the patient's condition.


The device provides ventilation within the framework of standard clinical protocols in adults (from 36 to 250 kg), children (from 6 to 42 kg), newborns (from 0.5 to 10 kg). The breathing gas oxygen monitoring system has an unlimited service life. SpO2 EtCO2 Cardiorespiratory Monitoring Channels


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Blizar Medical has been repairing artificial lung ventilation devices for many years. Over the years, a large experimental repair base has been developed.

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